Size: 19” dia. x 7”d.

Kivier was shown in ANA 24, A National Juried Exhibition at the Holter Museum of Art, Helena, MT, and in the 12th Annual Pacific Northwest Lewis-Clark Juried Art Exhibition at the Lewis-Clark Center For Arts & History, Lewiston, ID.

The basic materials for Kivier were found on the roads and traffic islands in a one square mile area of east Spokane, an industrial section, bordered by Sprague Avenue on the south, Mission Street on the north, Havana on the west and Freya on the east.

Kivier’s sun/moon headdress is air conditioning duct; its armadillo-like cape is aluminum siding; its fACE is a smashed “moon” hubcap. Added to those elements are prescription pill bottle eyes and a Hershey’s chocolate syrup snout.

The name Kivier is spelled out in chrome, a shiny highlight on the snout. This chrome piece came from a traffic island at Sprague and Havana where a Riviera had a mishap. The top of the “R” on the Riviera’s nameplate snapped off, as did its “a” -- leaving Kivier.

Maybe part coon, part possum, semi sun and semi moon, a fACE, a shield, Kivier is a wry survivor.

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