Night Heavens
Size: 55”w. x 55”h. x 9”d.

Night Heavens was shown in 1998 in “Spokane Sampler: An Inland Northwest Juried Art Exhibition” at the Cheney Cowles Museum. Night Heavens is a meditation quilt, a plACE of quiet and peACE. Its design uses three traditional quilt patches: Night Heavens, Star Shower and Mariner’s Compass.

The Night Heavens patch is the one that makes the zig-zag across the night sky. Its blue is the color of the daytime sky. But the blue sky is surrounded by the chasm of the cosmos. The Night Heavens patches also can be seen as a river. The source of rivers: the heavens. The cycle of rain and evaporation is endless and so the Night Heavens river is endless -- its pattern is continued on the frame, and by implication, crosses over and runs on forever.

Another heaven/water theme is picked up by the patch in the top left corner, Star Shower. It is perhaps the brightest star is this firmament and yet, its name signals the death of a star. Still, it is the most defined of the stars and is a “close-up” of the billions of stars represented in the black night sky by galvanized nail heads and silver brads.

Finally, linked to Star Shower by its position in the design and by a visual pun (the shower head) is Mariner’s Compass. Again the theme of water and stars are linked in this patch. By peering into the heavens, mariners found their way across the earth’s oceans.

Night Heavenswas fabricated primarily from shampoo bottles (Suave for Star Shower; Vidal Sassoon for Mariner’s Compass), detergent containers (Night Heavens), and motor oil containers (the black void). My cousin Doug hand-turned the poles for the frame on his lathe.

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