Shopping Basket (see materials used)
Size: 30"x30"x7"

This work is based on a traditional quilt patch. It’s identified by Maggie Malone in 1,001 Patchwork Quilt Designs (Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., New York, 1982) simply as Basket I. Shopping Basket was juried into the Art On The Green show in Coeur d'Alene, ID, in August 2000 and received a judges' honorarium. It was also shown in Off The Bed And Onto The Wall (a show of Northwest artists who use quilting in their work) at the Chase Gallery, City Hall, Spokane, WA, in October 2000.

I created this piece to use as a teaching tool for the Cheney Recycling Center Community Involvement Project. It’s an interesting and convenient way to let address two subjects at once: recycling and art.

First, I can talk to the students about recycling. "It’s easy to see this is a picture of a basket. But what’s in the basket?" Things you buy at the store. "So what kind of basket is it?" A shopping basket. "What’s it made from?" Paper, plastic, aluminum and tin. "Where do those things come from?" The store. "What do you do with those things after you’re done with them?" Recycle!

Then, I can explore artistic concerns. "What do the things in the border have in common?" They’re fACE. "What do all the fACE share?" Eyes, nose, mouth...smiles! "What shape is a smile?" A curve, a half circle. "Where else do you see that shape?" The can lids. "Where else?" The basket handle. "What other shapes do you see that are the same?" Squares, triangles. "How does the picture make you feel?" Happy. "What about it makes you feel that way?" The smiles. "What else?" The color, the flower patterns, the stuff sticking up out of the basket.

Finally, I can share the "Table Of Contents" with the students to talk, once again, about recycling and the use of alternative materials for artistic expression. The contents are listed below for your entertainment.

If you’re interested in purchasing Shopping Basket, or would like to learn more about my community involvement projects, please e-mail me at, phone 509 362-5296, or write to me at P.O. Box 161, Marshall, WA 99020.

Table of Contents for Shopping Basket


Prestone winter/summer antifreeze/coolant, 1 gal.
All temperature XTRA with color safe bleach, 1 gal.
Arm & Hammer concentrated detergent, 3.12 qt.
Minute Maid natural lemonade, one gal.
French’s mustard container, 1 gal.
Pennzoil SAE 10W-40 motor oil, 1 qt.
Pennzoil HD SAE 30 motor oil, 1 qt.
New! Lemon Cascade liquid gel, 4 lb., 1 oz.
SUN non-toxic antifreeze, formulated for swimming pool use, 1 gal.


Spray ‘n Wash tough stain remover for laundry, 22 fl. oz.
Spray ‘n Wash tough stain remover for laundry, 32 fl. oz.
Lego grid
Quaker State SAE 30 motor oil, 1 qt.
Pert Plus shampoo for normal hair, 33.9 fl. oz.
European Mystique Plus shampoo and conditioner in one, 16 fl. oz.
New Cascade liquid gel, 3 lb., 2 oz.


Nivea extra enriched lotion
Labatt’s Big Blue pilsener beer, 9.3 fl.oz.
Foster’s Lager beer, 25.4 fl. oz.
Pepsi soda, 12 fl. oz.
Maxwell House Lite 1/2 the caffeine coffee, 36 oz.
Kokanee glacier beer, 12 fl. oz.


Oxygen magazine
Runner’s World magazine
Shape magazine
Better Nutrition magazine
Country magazine
Modern Maturity magazine
Smithsonian magazine
McCall’s magazine
Home Call newsletter from Primera HealthPlus

In The Basket

Avon bubble bath for kids, 24 fl. oz.
Toilet Duck toilet bowl cleaner, 32 fl. oz.
Pert Plus shampoo, 7 fl. oz.
Formula 409 carpet cleaner, 22 fl. oz.
Avon Naturals simply vanilla shower gel, 5 fl. oz.
LION laundry detergent
Pamyrol International hair tonic NEO


Miscellaneous lids: olive, whole tomato, artichoke hearts, soup, cat food, et al.


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