Snake In The Hollow
Size: 10 1/2" w. x 10 1/2" h. x 3/4" d.

In August, my wife Nance and I visited our friends Bill and FK in Sophia, Bulgaria. While there, Bill and I had many cleansing ales together and saved the cans. On a day-trip the four of us drove to Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s second largest city and leading commercial center. We went to the old city where there are the remains of an awesome Roman amphitheatre -- also cobblestone streets littered with Coca-Cola bottlecaps which we collected. Near the end of the visit when I got my hair cut, the owner of the shop was interested in my work and emptied a bottle of sink/tub/toilet bowl cleaner into a jar so I could have the lovely lime green plastic bottle. Once home, I built the Snake In The Hollow patch (one I’d always wanted to try) from these collections. The finished piece is a thank-you gift to Bill and FK for their long-time friendship and hospitality.

Table Of Contents (from Rila Monastery, Sophia & Plovdiv, Bulgaria --

Astika beer, Lux export lager, produced in Bulgaria, served chilled (3°C)

Astika beer, Special, produced in Bulgaria, wide mouth opening for more sensation

Kamenitza beer, CBETNO, produced in Bulgaria, wide mouth opening for more sensation, served chilled (3°C)

Zagorka beer, special quality lager beer, gold medal winner, Zagorka Brewery Company

New improved formula Domestos (toilet, sink, tub cleaner), fresh, kills all known germs, Lever, 500 ml

Red Dog, Uncommonly Smooth Premium Beer from the Plank Road Brewery, 16 oz. and 12 fl. oz.

Coca-Cola Light, TORV VEDVE, CUKOR NELKUL, 0, 33L Coca-Cola bottle caps

Fanta orange, 0.33n


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