Diversity & Tolerance - click on each photo for the full image of each piece!


Diversity-Tolerance, two murals created with Mead Middle School Options Class students on the bridge abutments at 4th Avenue and Sunset Highway in Spokane, WA, in June 2002. It was sponsored by the Spokane Arts Commission and the Spokane Transit Authority.

In considering subject matter to illustrate the theme of “Diversity-Tolerance,” students were asked to think about ways in which they felt discriminated against, ways in which they felt unfairly pre-judged by peers, parents, society.

So, for instance, the skateboarders in the group felt that negative press had unfairly tainted skateboarding. They saw skateboarding as a sport requiring a great deal of athletic skill and creativity. They felt they could show the positive side of skateboarding by depicting in the mural some dramatic skateboard “tricks.”

Each student who participated in the project used his/her own silhouette to portray some action or situation that shows the positive influences of diversity-tolerance.

The Spokane Arts Commission sponsorship of the project was part of its ongoing graffiti-suppression program. Since the Diversity-Tolerance mural was painted, the “tagging” it has sustained has been next to none – a testament to the spirit of acceptance the students’ artwork conveys.



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